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Michelle Dossett

“I’ve been going to checkpoint for a few years. Started when I lived in Plano. We moved to Mckinney but still drive to Checkpoint because its not just a gym, its more than that! I also like that its not intimidating and it has people in my age group of 44 years old. Love this place highly recommend!!!”

Kim Brown

“It took my husband months to talk me into joining him at this gym. I was very hesitant because I thought CrossFit was way too hard and something I could never do. I gave in and loved it from day one, which was five years ago!
So much fun and so much support from coaches and members who are now like family to me!!! If I can do it any one can. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner!!”

John Richards

“I’ve been going to Checkpoint CrossFit for years and love the family-friendly atmosphere. My daughter loves going to the gym just to see the Coach. Also, the members of Checkpoint will warmly welcome you and make you want to come back.
My wife and I have made the gym part of my daily routine and we look forward to a challenging workout to start our day.”

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